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Latest stories

Welcome Barron Mamiya | RVCA Surf

RVCA is proud to announce the addition of Barron Mamiya to its surf roster.
Some are groomed for this from birth; some have to earn it. ForBarron, there were no handouts. He first paddled out at Pipe at age 9. Fighting for scraps, he p

Alex Knost | Bali 2019

RVCA Surf advocate Alex Knost enjoys few things more than traveling off the beaten path, hanging with friends and enjoying good surf. He recently took one such journey to the Indonesian isle of Bali to visit old friends and find himself i

RVCAustralia | Mentawais

A crew of RVCA Advocates including Jay Davies, Asher Pacey, Ari Browne, Raf Browne & McKenzie Bowden from Australia made the long journey out to the Mentawais off the western coast of Sumatra in quest of pumping waves and perfect conditions.

Recap | RVCA Pro Jr.

It was another amazing weekend forthe annualRVCAPro Jr. & Newport Beach Surf Championships. We were lucky to get a fun run of swell for the event and with strongsupport from the local community, this year'sevent was as special as ever. Local favorite vendors like

Newport Beach Surf Championships

Join us this weekend for three days of surf in the heart of Orange County for the RVCA Pro Jr. and City of Newport Beach Surf Championships. In its 31st year, this event is oneof Newport Beach's longest running competitions in Surfand has seen the likes of Kelly Slater, the Irons brothers and nu

Oscar Langburne | Dancing Barefoot

Surfing is a super fun part of my life. Don’t know how to explain it but it’s just such a fucking beautiful thing.
From being inspired by Asher, Steph, Rob, Parko, Craig, Creed, Tom Curren and people who never look like they’re fighting the wave to also seeing the joy surfing gives